The RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup - One Last Time Soccer in the Königshügel Sports Hall


On March 18, soccer hearts will beat one last time in the Königshügel Sports Hall at the RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup 2023 hosted by the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ). Teams from various institutes and facilities at RWTH compete for the prestigious trophy at the popular soccer tournament. The Indoor Football Cup is the last event before the demolition of the Königshügel Sports Hall. 


The Final RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup in the Königshügel Sports Hall

Between rolling balls, hard shots and lots of cheering. The RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup organized by the HSZ and the women's soccer team of RWTH Aachen University enters its 17th round. The participating teams will be giving it their very best for the last time in the Königshügel Hall in order to take home the highly wanted victory trophy at the end of the day. But in addition to the nerve-racking competitions, the main focus of this soccer tournament is a lot of fun and team spirit. The teams can forget their everyday university life and find their balance in sports. The RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup is a mixed tournament. Therefore, of the maximum twelve team members, at least three must be women and three men.

Big Prizes at the RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup

Amid the cheers of the enthusiastic spectators, however, the teams do not just compete for the cup. Teamwork, commitment and fairness are just as much in focus as athletic performance. This year, therefore, not only the winning team will take home a prize. In addition to the cup, two other prizes will be awarded. The best fans and the fairest team will also be honored.

Event Details

On March 18, all soccer enthusiasts are invited to experience this great event live at the Königshügel Sports Hall. Admission is from 9:15 am. The official opening will take place at 10 am. Admission is free of charge.