Never Forget Sports Hall Königshügel Campaign Brings Impressive Donation of 6,161 Euros to Right to Play

Donation handover from HSZ to Right to Play in front of Königshügel Sports Hall © HSZ

Today, the student unions sports department and the RWTH University Sports Center (HSZ) presented the Right to Play organization with a donation check in the amount of 6,161 euros. This impressive amount was achieved through the charity action "Never Forget Sporthalle Königshügel", in which mementos were made from the parquet floor of the demolished sports hall.


High donation amount for Right to Play

The demolition of the Königshügel sports hall is rapidly progressing. In the meantime, the work has also reached the facade of the building. During the demolition and new construction phase, the university sports has moved to an interim building on the lawn. In the midst of this, a very special check presentation took place today on the lawn of the Königshügel Stadium. Peter Lynen, director of the HSZ, as well as Juliana Kirchhoff, sports department of the student unions, presented Luis Kramer from Right to Play Germany with a donation worth 6,161 Euros.

Charity action supports social sustainability and responsibility

This donation was achieved through the charity campaign Never Forget Sporthalle Königshügel of the HSZ and sports department. It ran from May to the beginning of August. In the process, unique mementos were created from the hall's parquet floor. These were then sold via the crowdfunding platform Start Next. The proceeds of the campaign have now gone to Right to Play. Peter Lynen was pleased with the success of the campaign. He said it was not only important for the HSZ to promote sports, but also to assume social responsibility and support social sustainability. It is nice that the HSZ and the sports department can support an important organization like Right to Play with this campaign and at the same time keep the memories alive in the Königshügel sports hall.

Right to Play overwhelmed by the amount donated

Right to Play is an international charity that teaches children life skills through play and sport. The money from the donation is not intended for a specific project. It will be used by Right To Play where it is needed most. The HSZ has been supporting the organization for 15 years now, mainly by donating the proceeds of the well-known ice hockey unicup. Luis Kramer from the organization Right to Play Germany is overwhelmed by the amount of donations reached. He says it always means a lot to the organization to be supported through donations from sporting events and campaigns. They greatly appreciate the long-standing partnership with the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center and are pleased to be able to use the considerable amount to help children in Asia, Africa and the Middle East become self-determined decision-makers of tomorrow.

Impressive sales figures and stories about the memento

The commemorative pieces were produced last month together by the sports department and the HSZ in cooperation with the Frauenhofer Institute for Laser Technology in voluntary work. A total of just under 500 floor pieces were sold. Almost all of them have already been picked up in the past weeks. For the remaining mementos, preparations for shipping are in full swing. Juliana Kirchhoff, sports department representative for the Aachen student unions, is pleased with the enthusiastic response to the charity campaign. Many of the mementos purchased will be given as gifts for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries this year. One couple met and fell in love at the Königshügel Sport Hall during their college years. This year they are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and bought one of the mementos for the occasion.

Future at Königshügel

While the memories of the hall are kept alive by the pieces, the demolition work on the Königshügel sports hall continues. After the demolition, the construction of a new sports hall will begin. The new Königshügel Hall should be completed by the end of 2025. Then students, staff and alumni will once again be able to experience unique events and successful sports courses, as well as build new relationships and make new memories.

For more information on the Never Forget Sporthalle Königshügel campaign, visit the HSZ Website.