Back On the Ice - Finally Back to Ice Hockey Uni-Cup

EUC tickets in the hand © HSZ

On December 8, the time has finally come: After three years, the Ice Hockey Uni Cup can finally take place again! This year, the ticket pre-sale for the iconic event will take place on December 1. A difference to the previous years is that the locations of the ticket pre-sale will be drawn and announced only in the morning of the sale. 


Looking forward to the Ice Hockey Unicup

In the 100.5 Arena the ice rink is ready, the ice hockey teams of the student bodies are practicing and the cheerleaders are having their last rehearsals. Everything is ready for the cult event of the winter semester. The Ice Hockey Uni Cup for the thyssenkrupp Trophy 2022 will take place on December 8. The Ice Hockey Uni Cup stands for singularity and an incomparable atmosphere. No one wants to miss this iconic event. The event was completely sold out within an hour. A total of 2240 tickets were sold.

Sequence of the event

At 6:10 p.m., the event finally gets underway. The event starts with the traditional opening of the ice hockey team of the RWTH Aachen Ice-Emperors RWTH/FH Aachen. This year they will meet the guest team ETH Zurich. Afterwards, the Aachen Steelers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the ET Lions from the Department of Electrical Engineering, and the Medical Strikers from the Department of Medicine will face off in thrilling duels on the ice. The Aachen Steelers are the current title holders and will have to do their best to defend their title, as the thyssenkrupp Trophy is highly desired.

Atmosphere in the 100.5 Arena

The Ice Hockey Uni-Cup is characterized above all by students and employees of the RWTH and FH, who are united by their enthusiasm for ice hockey. Another highlight are the fancy costumes the players come up with every year. The mottos, however, remain top secret until game day.


The mixed cheerleading groups of the student bodies are also an integral part of the iconic event. The cheerleaders warm up the audience between the matches of the players. Their costumes and choreographies are coordinated with the mottos of the respective field hockey teams. The cheerleading team with the best performance can look forward to the honorary prize of the Freunde und Förderer des Aachener Hochschulsports (Friends and Sponsors of Aachen University Sports).

Proceeds go to charitable organizations

However, the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup is not only about sport and the unique enthusiasm of the fans, but also about more serious matters. Every year, the profits from the event are donated to regional and international organizations. This year, the Aachener Kältehelfer and Right to Play will receive the donation. The "Aachener Kältehelfer" (Aachen Cold Helpers) of the Johanniter are involved in helping the homeless. During the cold season, they support people in need in Aachen who spend the night on the streets. The Right to Play organization teaches children around the world important skills through play.

Live stream on the RWTH Youtube channel

For those who couldn't get their hands on tickets, this year for the first time there will be a live video broadcast of the event. A team of communication design students from Aachen University of Applied Sciences will be in charge of the broadcast, with the university radio station moderating. All fans can follow the event from home via the Youtube channel of RWTH Aachen University. A special thanks goes to the university radio, which actively supports the live broadcast and thus contributes to a smooth running

The University Sports Center is looking forward to the enthusiasm of the fans in the 100.5 Arena and the exciting ice hockey matches in an icy atmosphere.

For more information, please visit the HSZ website.