Running Trails

  three runners in focus Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter  

FunRun (4.6 km)

This run is for all occasional and hobby runners that would like to gain their first experiences with sport events or for those who simply have fun with running. Of course it is possible for ambitious runners to take part in the race but consider that fun is in the first place of the FunRun.

Relay race (4 x 2.3km)

This run is for all team players. It aims at handling a 9.2 km total distance as a team so that every member of the team covers a distance of 2.3 km. Team spirit, endurance and fun are in the first place of this run.

Every team consists of four persons, which need to include at least one woman. Everyone of age is allowed to take part.

FitnessRun (9.0 km)

The FitnessRun is a good chance to gain first experience with long distance runs and to give them a try. All participants sure have enough time to cover the distance. Moreover, the FitnessRun can be used as a perfect preparation for other races.


The track of the fitness run in Seffent does not lead on the car way, but only on the pedestarian path and bike path.

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Subject to route changes.