RWTH Health Day 2019 – Healthy Variety – Program and Sign-Up

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"Healthy Variety" is the motto of the RWTH Health day 2019


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Become Active: Activities to Take Part in and Get Moving

Further information on the Health Day can be found on the official RWTH page for the Health Day 2019.

Lu Jong

efficient - easy – energizing
The flowing, deep movements help us become clearer, calmer and happier. By relieving blockages, we not only calm our minds, but also activate hidden resources. Thereby, Lu Jong strengthens our immune system, sensitizes our body awareness, gives us energy and brings body and spirit into balance.

Dance Workshop Tango

Among the ballroom dances, Tango is the dance of love and passion. It puts the game of the sexes into dance and acts it out with striding steps and promenades.

Dance Workshop Oriental Dance

Oriental and Indian Dance is suitable for men and women of all ages, improves self-confidence and acts as an oasis of energy and joie de vivre. Oriental Dance has a strong positive effect on posture, musculature, core, pelvic floor and spine.


Capoeira is a Brazilian war dance with many African influences. From the basic “Ginga”, flowing acrobatic, dancing and martial arts moves are carried out, whereby usually two Capoeiristas face each other.


Arnis is a Philippine martial art, which is particularly suited to self-defense, as it covers both armed and unarmed techniques.

Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga, positions are held particularly long. These passive stretches have a positive effect on the deeper body layers and in particular on the fascia.

Futher Movement Offers:

  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Meditation and Health
  • Fascial Training
  • Back Fit – Coordination and Balance


Ly’s Corresponding-Response-Therapy-Methode – Far Eastern Massage

This is an easy to learn method from Vietman, with which you can relieve the typical pains, which occur in everyday student and office life, such as neck, shoulder and back pain, quickly and effectively and without medication, through pressure massage and heat. After a short, practical introduction, the method can be directly applied under instruction. The method is supplemented by easy, strengthening movement exercises.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation (in English)

PMR is a deep relaxation technique to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve insomnia, headaches
and chronic pain. PMR is performed by tensing one muscle group at a time and then relaxing
that same muscle group. This way the brain and body can register the physiological sensations
related to tension and relaxation and the differences between them. PMR can be practiced at
any time and at any setting, at your workplace, home or while travelling.

Nutrition and Healthy Variety

Is my diet balanced and healthy? Or am I expecting too much from my body? What do fast food and a positive energy balance do to me? In these talks, we’ll inform you of the effects of a healthy and balanced diet on mind and body. Additionally, we’ll give you helpful tips on nutrition, so that you can strengthen your mind and body.

Appreciation – An Instruction Manual for Your Brain

What if the workplace were to become a place of flow and fulfillment, instead of pressure and problems? What if conflicts and tension could easily be solved through appreciative practices? What if mistakes didn’t have to be hidden, but rather be harnessed to achieve success? In this workshop, appreciative practices and impulses are taught, with which one’s work climate can be improved. Through the “Appreciation Traffic Light Model”, a secure assessment of operational situations can be gained and one’s own influential role be identified and used.

With Breaks against Stress

Here, background knowledge on stress management and self-management is taught and practiced. Processes and modern time management methods and tools will be introduced, enabling one to tackle stress and time problems independently and reduce stress-related health effects. The workshop focuses on the value of breaks as a requirement for individual performance.

Strengthen Your Self-Esteem – Lead Your Inner Team Correctly

Falling behind your own goals again? Unhappy with yourself? Imagine, that you are the boss and have a team of three people to lead: The inner critic, the slacker and the sympathetic companion. How will you harness the potential of this team and thereby go through life stronger?

Communicative Variety

When stress and routine put one-sided strain on our minds, the many facets that make up our personalities waste away. Communication exercises through theater techniques promote change on all levels, freeing the senses, awareness, feelings and thoughts!
New connections develop in the brain. We switch from avoidance into approachment mode. This calms us down and we feel stronger and more resourceful. It is healthy and, most importantly, a lot of fun! This workshop gives insight into basic exercises from the world of theater.

Relaxation and Awareness

In this workshop, easy relaxation techniques are taught, which can be effectively applied in one’s everyday. Additionally, it discusses how we can optimally regenerate in our daily lives. We will also discuss stress and how to effectively deal with it.

Sleep and Nutrition

We spend 1/3 of our lives asleep. Simultaneously it is the state about which many people know the least. This has many reasons, not least because we are not productive during our sleep, which is why we don’t give it the appreciation it deserves. Next to nutrition and physical activity, sleep is the most important pillar of our health. Why this is the case will be shown in the workshop.

“COMEONMAN” – Safe. Healthy. Together.

In order to counteract health and safety dangers at work, the culture of an organization needs to be tackled. Those who emphasize, that health and safety at work are important, take others with them on the path towards fewer accidents and more safety at work. This workshop is aimed at figures of responsibility working at the interface between work and health and safety topics and wish to work towards improving the prevention culture in their area. The workshop will cover the areas of leadership, mistake-culture, communication, work climate, as well as health and safety. It will also give an overview of important tools.

The Pillars of Health

Healthy behavior is highly individual. In this workshop we will occupy ourselves with a holistic approach to understanding health. What do we need to live a healthy life? What should we look out for in our daily lives? How can we positively influence our health with small changes? A few exercises to improve concentration and prevention reductions in performance complete the workshop.

Relaxation Variety: Presenting Different Relaxation Techniques

Stress is omnipresent in our fast-paced and complex daily lives. In a short session different relaxation techniques like autogenic training, mandalas to music, painting and other stress reducing activities will be presented. The aim of the offer is to experience the positive effect of (regular) relaxation exercises through practical examples. Additionally, there will be a small talk on stress and its effects.