Outdoor Fitness Anlage 1

  Outdoor Fitnessanlage 1 Copyright: © HSZ

Outdoor Fitness Anlage 1 is equipped with a calisthenics station and about 100 square meters of safety mats. The facility can be used during the opening hours when it is not closed for open training.



Melatener Straße 3
52074 Aachen


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Access to Outdoor Fitness Anlage 1

You can access Outdoor Fitness Anlage 1 along the south side of Sporthalle Königshügel.

Further Information

You can find further information about the Outdoor Fitness Anlagen here.

Facility Closure

In certain circumstances, for example storms, the HSZ reserves the right to restrict use of the facility or to close the facility. If you would like to be informed of last minute facility closures affecting the Outdoor Fitness Anlage 1, please join the corresponding mailing list.

Terms of Use

Please adhere to the Terms of Use for the Outdoor Fitness Anlagen.