Outdoor Sports Facilities Königshügel

  A basketball going in a net © M2Brothers

This sketch depicts the route from the entrance to the sports facilities and back.


The Outdoor Sports Facility Königshügel offers a lot of space for several sports. 

The natural grass field is 110 x 60 meters and is at the center of sports facilities at Königshügel. A 400-meter cinder track surrounds the natural grass field at Königshügel stadium. The Finnbahn at Königshügel is made of a mineral base course, an interlayer made of sand, and a surface layer of woodchips. It also has a special drainage system specifically adapted to the ground. The entire route is 1,150 meters.

The Allwetterplatz Königshügel is a lit, multi-sport area operated all year long. It is reserved primarily for basketball three days a week and tennis the remaining four days. The University's beach sport facility at Königshügel is over 1,600 square meters of sand and includes six beach volleyball courts, making it the largest facility in Aachen. Since winter semester 2015/16 the University Sports Center has offered two outdoor fitness facilties at Sportzentrum Königshügel. The University's cagesocce facility "SOCCERBOX Königshügel" has three lit, artificial grass playing fields and is located among the outdoor facilities.  RWTH Aachen's Tennisanlage Professor-Pirlet-Straße has six sand tennis courts. 


Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 3
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