Boulder Course


Dates, Prices and Booking


Target Group and Prerequisites

The supervised Boulder course takes place in the Campus Boulderhall an the Boulderhall "diehalle" . It will be trained, disregarding the current proficiency level together with other climbing-enthusiasts under the supervision of out trainers. Previous experiences are not necessary.

Content and Objectives

Different forms of training and exercises will be introduced and practised. A collective, functional warm-up, balanced training, as well as climbing-specific stretches form the basics of this course. In addition each unit inludes a free Boulder phase in which you can put your learned skills to practise and receive individual feedback from the trainers.


The reduced-price ticket for course participants in both halls amounts 8 Euros (day ticket) and has to be paid on the spot. In "the hall" you have the opportunity to book a single reduced 11x-Ticket for 80€ on the first two course dates.
Climbing shoes can be rented for a fee of 3,5€ (Campus Boulder Hall) or 4€ (dieHalle).

You have to bring your booking confirmation with you!