Road Cycling Meet-Up Level 2


Dates, Prices and Booking


Target Group and Requirements

The Meet-Up Level 2 is aimed at advanced road cyclists. The rides have a length of about 60 kilometers to 90 kilometers. The average speed is 26 to 28 kilometers per hour.

To participate in the meet-up, experience in group riding must be present.
The pace will be adjusted according to the group. Regular participation is advisable, as the distance increases over the course of the semester.

Contents and Goals

This event is primarily about riding together and having fun on a road bike at the same performance level as a balance to everyday life. A change to another group is possible depending on the training level and course capacities.


This meet-up is under the sign "consideration". You are no longer a beginner on the road bike and want to develop further.
We ride slowly from the start. You can climb climbs at your own pace. You don't have to worry, this will be taken into consideration.

In the course of the meet-up the tours can also have over 100 kilometers and 3 hours. Don't worry, we can do it!


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