Renovation of the Königshügel Sport Complex

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In order to continue to maintain a diverse and varied offer, there will be a local and temporal shift in many offers. We kindly ask for your understanding that we will have to rely on interim solutions during the prolonged process.

We will provide up-to-date information on the ongoing construction processes and resulting program changes on this website.

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  • Neubau Königshügel Baugrube

    *** Neubau Königshügel - Baugrube wird ausgehoben ***
  • Neubau Königshügel

    Demolition sports hall Königshügel - roof torn off

    The excavation pit for the new Königshügel sports hall is being prepared.

  • Abriss Dachkonstruktion

    Demolition sports hall Königshügel - roof torn off

    After demolition of the roof structure, only the foundations remain of the Königshügel sports hall complex.

  • Abriss Aussenmauern

    Demolition sports hall Königshügel - outer walls removed

    After the outer walls were removed, only the roof structure of the Königshügel sports hall remains.

  • Abbruch Fensterfront

    Demolition sports hall Königshügel - window front removed

    The window front of the Königshügel sports hall was removed.

  • Abbruch Königshügel 1

    Demolition sports hall Königshügel

    The demolition of the Königshügel Sports Hall is now obvious. After much work has been done so far on the interior of the sports hall complex, demolition work has now also reached the facade.

  • Interim Betrieb

    Interim in operation

    The interim building went into operation on Monday 05/15/2023.

  • Bauzaun Abriß

    Construction site equipment demolition sports hall Königshügel

    The construction site closure for the demolition of the Königshügel sports hall complex has taken place surprisingly and unannounced by BLB. The access to the university sports center via Eckertweg is therefore interrupted until further notice.


  • interim Hülle fertig 2

    Building shell of interim building completed

    The shell of the interim building at the Königshügel stadium is completed.


  • 20230130_150852

    Shell almost completed

    The structural work is almost complete. This will be followed by the interior work and the technical fit-out.

  • Interimsbau 22.02.23

    Entrance hall interim shell is finished

    The basic structures for the entry hall, Tanzhalle and Budohalle are finished. The changing rooms are currently being built. 

  • Eingangshalle Interim

    Entrance hall interim shell

    The shell of the Interim Entrance Hall is being constructed.

  • Interim SPorthalle Rohbau

    The shell of the Interim sports hall stands

    The shell of the interim sports hall was contructed in three days.

  • Interim Bodenplatte

    Interim Building start of construction

    The floor slab of the large sports hall is erected.

  • Baumaßnahmen_Anschluss_Interim_03

    Interim Building Construction Site Setup

    On 07.02.2023 the construction site of the interim building will be set up. A crane will be set up on the running track and the ground work for the district heating supply of the building will start on the eastern bank.

    Due to this work, there may be restrictions on the use of the beach sports facility and the soccer fields throughout the week. Unfortunately, the running track must remain closed. As early as 06.02.2023, the parking spaces in the Königshügel stadium will be closed until further notice.

  • Baggerloch Interimsbau

    Interim Construction - Preparatory Construction Measures - Running Track Closed

    As of now, preparations are being made for the construction of the interim building at the Königshügel stadium.

    The technical connections for the temporary sports facility are being made. Heavy construction equipment is being used, so it is currently not possible to use the running track.

  • We are Moving Forward - Numerous Construction Projects are Pending

    As of 18.01.2023, the first measure on the cinder track in the Königshügel stadium will be the construction of a drainage trench. From this time on, there will be restrictions on this sports facility. We ask for your understanding for the short notice of the measure. The University Sports Center itself only received information about the start of the construction work from the BLB at short notice.