Forum for Female Doctoral Candidates

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The Forum for Female Doctoral Candidates is an independent, member-run project for promoting young female researchers at RWTH Aachen.  The forum is intended for female doctoral candidates in all faculties. 


Sandra Kiefer


Sandra Kiefer


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Get Togethers for Female Doctoral Candidates

The Forum for Female Doctoral Candidates offers interested women a place to share experiences and information in the form of an informal network. The network is organized and planned (get togethers, joint activities) by participants themselves.

Through regularly scheduled get togethers, the candidates have the possibility to talk to other female candidates about their collective situation (or their experiences in general). The purpose is not only to cultivate cross-disciplinary communication, but also to have fun. Participants have gone bowling, played badminton, gone to Burg Vogelsang, BBQ'ed, and much more. Anyone can make suggestions about what to do.

Female doctoral candidates, who have recently moved to Aachen, can get tips for settling in and getting to know the city through the forum. Furthermore, women currently studying at the university can contact the Forum for Female Doctoral Candidates to get help in planning their own doctoral studies.

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Seminars for Female Doctoral Candidates

Within the Forum for Female Doctoral Candidates, the CDS offers seminars and workshops on topics that are important for the career development of young female academics. We welcome suggestions from participants for new seminar topics.

You can find all the events in our current seminar program for female doctoral candidates. Registration takes place online.


Talk: Lichtenburg Castle Church, Prettin

In this talk, Kirsten Vockel, doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Architecture, will present the findings of her doctoral project up to date. She is looking into the architectural history of Lichtenburg Castle Church. It is currently unclear when the church was actually built, as historical sources are ambiguous or even contradictory on this point. In addition, the church’s architectural style cannot be clearly identified, making it a mystery why the building looks like it does today.

After the talk, we will discuss Vockel’s project in a relaxed atmosphere before getting together for dinner and cocktails on Pontstraße (a stone’s throw from the lecture room).

When? Thursday, June 27, 2019, 7 pm
Where? SeMath (room code 1950|008) on Pontdriesch 14/16. The room is on the ground floor, on the right, directly next to the entrance.
Topic Lichtenburg Castle Church, Prettin
Speaker Kirsten Vockel, doctoral candidate at RWTH’s Faculty of Architecture