Farewell to the Königshügel Sports Hall - Cheerful Atmosphere at the Last RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup Before Demolition

Group photo of the participants of the HFC © HSU

At the weekend, the RWTH Indoor Football Cup took place in the Königshügel Sports Hall. The soccer tournament was the last event before the demolition of the hall. In front of enthusiastic fans, 17 teams tried their best to claim the trophy and take it home with them. At the end of the day, the MediÄTTÄCK team won in a high-class and nerve-racking final. 


Soccer Fever at the End of the Winter Semester

Soccer enthusiasm, exciting matches and cheering fans. All this was on display at the RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup in the Königshügel Sports Hall at the weekend. Just before the start of the summer semester, this event traditionally marks the end of the winter semester in University Sports and signals the start of spring.

A Balance to the University Routine

At the Indoor Soccer Cup, teams from various institutes and facilities of RWTH compete against each other. The common sport gives the team members the opportunity to find a balance to the stressful everyday university life.

The Winners of the RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup

After a tournament day full of exciting matches, the teams MediÄTTÄCK and Rattenscharfe Wunderschöne Torschuss Helden met each other. Already at the last Indoor Soccer Cup before Corona, the two were in the final. At that time the team Rattenscharfe Wunderschöne Torschuss Helden won. This year the MediÄTTÄCKs could succeed with 3:2. With a decisive goal in the last minute of the game, they were crowned the winners of this year's Indoor Soccer Cup.

The Best Fans and the Fairest Team

But the RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup is not just about winning. Other sporting values such as fairness, teamwork and mutual support are also honored. This year, the Klenkes prize for the fairest team went to the RWTH women's soccer team. The best fans were brought by two teams this year. After a vote of the teams, there was a tie between the teams LokTT and Rattenscharfe Wunderschöne Torschuss Helden. Both teams and their fans celebrated together.

Melancholic Atmosphere After the Last Match

As the Indoor Soccer Cup was coming to an end in the evening, there was a bit of melancholy in the air. The last game had been played. The last prize had been awarded and the last event in the old Königshügel Sports Hall was over. The hall, which opened in 1962, will soon be demolished to make way for the construction of a new, more modern sports hall.

Regular Sports and the RWTH Campus Run

In the meantime, of course, regular activities will continue at the University Sports Center. The regular sports program will take place in an interim building in the Königshügel Stadium starting in May. The RWTH Campus Run will be the next big event on May 5.