Out into Nature: The Eventful Summer Just Around the Corner at University Sports

Two people throwing a football to each other Copyright: © HSZ

Numerous construction activities, including the demolition and construction of the Königshügel Sports Hall and the commissioning of an interim building, are in store for the RWTH University Sports Center. In addition to exciting events, the RWTH University Sports Center continues to organize its extensive program with few restrictions despite the construction site.

  Old picture of the Königshügel Sports Hall from 1962 Copyright: © HSZ

With the start of the summer semester, the new registration period at the University Sports Center has also begun. There were already over 6,000 registrations on the first day. Registration for the sports taking place in the interim building will not be possible until May 2nd.

The already diverse range of sports on offer will even be added to by three more sports this semester. As a popular sport from the United States, American Football will be available at the University Sports Center starting this semester. For all sports game fans, billiard is also a new addition to the program. Exercise in nature is for all those interested, who prefer a quieter atmosphere during sports.

Major construction projects are on the horizon at the University Sports Center in the next few years. The Königshügel sports hall complex will be demolished after 61 years to make way for a new, modern sports facility. Currently, construction of the interim building is still in progress. It will be opened for sports operations at the beginning of May. The stadium and running track should be usable again from mid-May. The Königshügel sports hall complex will then be demolished and a new building will be started. This is expected to be completed in 2025.

Despite the construction measures, exciting events are scheduled again for the summer semester. The RWTH Campus Run will kick things off on May 5th. On june 14th, the University Sports Center will open its doors for the RWTH FH SportsDay. The summer semester will end with a real Aachen cult event: the Lousberg Run will take place for the 34th time on July 5th.

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