Emotional Farewell to the Königshügel Sports Hall Complex: The Last Dance was a Great Success!

Dancing people in the sport hall Copyright: © Juliana Kirchhoff

It has danced itself out. After 61 years, it is coming to an end for the Königshügel Sports Hall Complex of the RWTH University Sports Center. At the farewell event The Last Dance, initiated by the University Sports Center, around 800 participants jumped and danced along once again. The whole event was organized by the AStA and the sports department of the Aachen student body. Students, employees and alumnis associate the hall with new friendships and many emotional moments at competitions and events. But the hall will not be completely forgotten. Souvenirs will be made from the floor of the hall, which could be purchased for a small amount of money. The profit will be donated to the Right to Play organization, just like in The Last Dance. 


For the last time, everyone was able to enjoy three rounds of fitness with music and one round of ballroom dancing at The Last Dance event at the Königshügel Sports Hall Complex. About 800 participants in total were at Königshügel last Wednesday to say goodbye to the hall. Fitness with music, also known as Kontakthüpfen, heralded the farewell event. Then, at the end, the ballroom dancers were allowed to take on the floor. For all of them, the hall is a core memory of their study or work time.

Now, however, the time has come for its demolition. But the hall will definitely not be forgotten. Souvenirs will be made from the floor of the hall, which can be purchased by anyone who is interested. For this purpose, pieces have already been taken out of the floor of the hall last week. From May 5th, sales will start via the Start Next platform. All profits will be collected and donated to the non-profit organization Right to Play. More information about the hall floor campaign will be announced on the University Sports Center website in the coming weeks.