Never Forget Königshügel Sports Hall - Already One Third of the 1,000 Memorabilia Sold

Memorabilia from the Königshügel Sports Hall Copyright: © Sarah Rauch

After 61 years of sports operation, the Königshügel sports hall complex will be demolished in the next few weeks. To commemorate the many experiences and to create something positive out of the loss of the central sports facility of Aachen's university sports, the parquet floor of the hall will be refurbished into unique memorabilia. The campaign of the University Sports Center (HSZ) of the RWTH and the sports department of the Aachen universities started on May 5 and after a few days already one third of all souvenirs have been sold. The proceeds will go to the aid organization Right to Play.


As early as mid-April, pieces of the hall floor were cut out and sanded down. Further production will start soon in cooperation with the Frauenhofer Institute for Laser Technology. In the process, the piece of hall floor will be placed on a laser-engraved carrier plate. The production will take place on a voluntary basis and will start in May at the latest. The number of mementos is limited to 1,000 pieces. After the start of the campaign, almost 300 pieces were already sold on Monday. Therefore, it is worth to be quick now. The pieces are the perfect reminder of your student days and also make wonderful gifts.

All profits from the campaign will be donated to the Right to Play organization. Right to Play advocates for children worldwide and teaches them life skills through play.

The sale will take place through the Start Next platform. Students pay 15 euros per piece and externals 20 euros. The production ends in summer. Then the pieces can be picked up themselves. For an additional charge, they can also be sent.

For more information on the campaign, visit the HSZ website and the Start Next campaign page.