NRW UniLauf-Cup Starts in Dortmund - Team Dortmund Takes the Lead

Team Dortmund at the UniLauf Cup in Dortmund Copyright: © Andreas Steindl

On May 24, the NRW UniLauf Cup started again with the first stage in Dortmund. Teams from different universities competed against each other to master the first 10-km run of the competition.


The NRW UniLauf Cup consists of a total of four running competitions in Dortmund, Cologne, Münster and Aachen. The Lousberglauf in Aachen traditionally represents the finale of the running competition. Teams from different universities take part and can prove their skills on different courses in four cities. This year, the campus run of the University of Dortmund made the start again. Team Uni Dortmund I took first place on the 10 km course. The second stage will take place in Cologne on June 13. We remain curious to see who will take home the victory in the end!