Successful Running Festival: Mayor Sibylle Keupen was thrilled at her 1st Lousberg Run

Runners at the Lousberg Run 2023 © Sarah Rauch

On July 5, the annual popular Lousberglauf took place. At the last university sports event of the summer semester, there was a real competitive atmosphere. Numerous runners dared to run on the Teufelsberg. In addition to excitement and ambition on the course, all participants and guests were entertained with a variety of supporting programs.


Stormy morning did not deter anyone

After a stormy morning with wind gusts of up to 80kmh, the event set up was turbulent. But the wind and rain did not discourage the more thann 1,900 participants and the University Sports Center (HSZ). Because traditionally in the past years, it cleared up just in time fort he starting signal and the last rain shower moved away. Nothing stood in the way of a safe execution oft he event.

Outstanding enthusiasm from Mayor Sibylle Keupen

5,555 meters are peppered with a crisp incline and a finish ramp that has it all downhill. Numerous guests did not miss this and cheered on all the runners. The run on the popular hill in Aachen is not only very important for the Aachen universities, but also for the city of Aachen. Aachen's mayor Sibylle Keupen was a guest at the Lousberglauf for the first time and she was impressed. Aachen, she said, is a very young and very active city. The Lousberglauf as a real Aachen cult event even radiated beyond the city limits.

Lousberglauf as a link between Aachen universities and the city

Participation in the Lousberglauf has long become a permanent tradition for many students in Aachen during their studies. Be it top athletes or recreational sportsmen and women. When the HSZ calls for the Lousberglauf, there are always numerous enthusiastic runners ready to start. Today, in addition to RWTH Aachen University, members of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences were also present at the unique event. Prof. Dr. Josef Rosenkranz, Vice-Rector for Studies and Teaching at the FH Aachen, was thrilled to see so many people with an affinity for sports. He explains that at the Lousberglauf not only students meet each other and that the run connects the population of Aachen with the universities. Peter Lynen, director of the HSZ, is also enthusiastic about the unifying function of the running event. The Lousberglauf builds bridges. This already starts within the universities between different subjects, but it goes beyond the universities. He sees that connections are created between RWTH and FH as well as between the universities and the city.

Cooperation with the residential towers of Rütscher Street

For more than three decades, the HSZ has organized the Lousberg Run in cooperation with the residents of the residential towers. Every year, the event relies on a multitude of helping hands. For Matthias Wilhelm, the main coordinator of the Rütscher Straße residential towers, the Lousberglauf has a very special place in his heart. For the towers, he says, the Lousberg is more or less their personal front yard, and the Lousberg Run offers us all a great opportunity to get in touch with other students, alumni and externals.

Cooperation with the studierendenwerk

The Studierendenwerk of RWTH Aachen University is another important partner of the Lousberg Run. It plays an important role in providing the infrastructure for the event. Sebastian Böstel, Managing Director of Studierendenwerk Aachen, emphasizes the connection between the dormitories and the sports event. He says the residential towers are the focal point of the Lousberg Run. During the event, all eyes are on the towers and the surrounding area.

Cooperation with STAWAG for the 20th time

This is the 20th time that STAWAG has been a title sponsor of this major event. In addition to providing support along the running course, STAWAG was also present on the course with its own team. The winners were delighted to receive sportswear from STAWAG. Kirsten Haacke, Corporate Communications at STAWAG, looks back on the 20-year cooperation with enthusiasm. 20 years are 20 reasons to be part of it. After so many years, they have of course long since become real Lousberg Run fans at STAWAG..

Results of the NRW Unilauf-Cup

Like every year, the Lousberglauf traditionally marks the finale of the NRW Unilauf Cup. Cologne led the way before the final stage at the Lousberg. In the end, Team WG Cologne managed to take the victory and emerge as the proud winners of the NRW Unilauf Cup 2023.

Lousberg Run results

The clear winner in the men's race was Lothar Wyrwoll. He was the fastest with a time of 17:57 minutes. Berit Scheid won the women's race on the demanding course with a time of 20:44 minutes.

All other results and information could be found on the HSZ Website.