Huge Demand for University Sports: Gala Ball finally takes place again after three years

Peter Lynen, Juliana Kirchhoff und Ulrich Weber ready for Winter semester Copyright: © HSZ

The RWTH University Sports Center (HSZ) presented the current sports and event program at a press conference on Thursday. After an event-filled summer, the winter continues with well-known and popular events such as the RWTH Gala Ball and the Ice Hockey Uni Cup.


The start of the winter semester also marked the beginning of the new registration period for the Aachen University Sports Courses. Demand was once again very high. Many courses were completely booked up within a few minutes. For all those who did not get a place in the course of their choice, there is the single date booking in many sports. This is always activated one day in advance. Peter Lynen, director of the HSZ, emphasizes the wide range of sports offered by the HSZ. The HSZ now offers 106 sports, which is more than in any sports club. And every year new sports are added. This year, the offer will be expanded by the sport Krav Maga. This Israeli martial art involves self-defense with various punching and kicking techniques.

A big change this semester has been the ongoing demolition of the Königshügel gymnasium. Full demolition is scheduled to be completed before the end of October. After that, the replacement new construction of the sports hall will begin. The new hall is then expected to be ready for occupancy in early 2025.

In November, a long-awaited event will finally take place again: For the first time since 2019, the RWTH Rectorate invites to the Gala Ball. The HSZ will host this glamorous event, where guests will glide across the dance floor in elegant evening dress. In addition to the Gala Ball, the remaining events of the winter semester can also be eagerly anticipated. The two snow events, in which newcomers to the slopes and experienced skiers and snowboarders venture down the first runs of the winter semester together, are the first events of the winter semester. Ulrich Weber, deputy director of the HSZ, is pleased that the snow events also give beginners a look at snow sports. He said the HSZ wants to make it as easy as possible for many students to get a glimpse of snow sports.

In November, the HSZ will welcome university sports staff from all over Europe to the ENAS Forum (European Network of Academic Sport Services) in Aachen. New, exciting findings on the topic of the impact of digitalization on university sports will be communicated and discussed.

Winter sports continue with the Ice Hockey Uni Cup in December. This ice hockey tournament organized by the mechanical engineering, e-technology and medicine departments is one of the highlights of the winter semester. In March, the HSZ also hosts the German University Championship Snowboard and Free Ski. The event takes place in Les Deux Alpes, in France. The organizer is the General German University Sports Association (adh). Snowboarders from all over Germany are expected to attend the DHM.

Normally, the university sports show in February would herald the end of the winter semester. Since this event was previously held in the Königshügel Sports Hall, an alternative venue had to be found. Next year, the University Sports Show will be held in the City Theater. There, more spectators will be able to join the many athletes in impressive performances and honors.

Sustainability is an important concern for the HSZ. There have already been various projects in the past, such as the introduction of reusable cups at the running events. Sustainability is also a present topic in the new buildings, such as the green roof of the new gymnasium. At the RWTH Gym, paper waste is to be reduced in the future. Instead, cotton cloths are to be used to wipe down the equipment. And last but not least, a recyclable artificial turf has just been laid in a cage soccer facility for test purposes in a pilot project with the team from the TFI Institute for Floor Systems at RWTH Aachen e.V.

The HSZ is looking forward to an eventful winter semester, in which all events can finally take place again.