Snow Sports Bargains: Winter sports clothing for everyone at the 28th Ski Market!

Ski Market in Königshügel Copyright: © HSZ

On November 4, the winter treasure chest opens on the Königshügel. The ski market invites you to browse, buy and sell ski and snowboard equipment in excellent condition. The ski market is organized by the Friends and Supporters of Aachen University Sports (FuFAH e.V.) with the help of the dedicated SNOWSport team from the University Sports Centre (HSZ). 


Traditional ski market for the 28th time!

This year, the popular sales event is taking place for the 28th time. Both new and well-preserved ski and snowboard equipment can be offered or purchased at the traditional ski market. With their wealth of experience, the trained ski and snowboard coaches from the SNOWSport team are on hand to offer expert advice to anyone interested in buying and selling.

Large, diverse selection of clothing, accessories and sporting goods

The range is diverse and impressive. The range extends from skis and snowboards to clothing and accessories. This means that all winter fans and snow sports enthusiasts can not only wrap up warm, but also prepare for the coming winter season in the best possible way and, above all, look forward to it sustainably. The ski exchange gives used winter sports equipment a second chance at life and thus contributes to sustainability in snow sports.

Procedure during the day

The items to be sold are handed in between 10 am and 12 noon. The sales price is set by the sellers themselves. After this phase, the dedicated SNOWSport team takes over the task of selling the winter sports equipment. There is a fee of 50 cents per item and ten percent of the sales price. Between 4:30 pm and 6 pm, the proceeds and any unsold items are returned to the initial sellers.