University sports professionals from all over Europe discussed the impact of digitalization on sport at the 25th ENAS Forum in Aachen

ENAS Forum 2023 Copyright: © Toni Hannan

The ENAS (European Network of Academic Sports Services) Forum took place in Aachen from November 4 to 10. University sports staff from all over Europe came to Aachen for this event. The conference was organized by the University Sports Center of RWTH Aachen (HSZ). After a pre-forum in the border triangle, there were lectures, workshops and various other joint activities. The topic was the impact of digitalization on university sports.

  Peter Lynen (HSZ), Mayor Sibylle Keupen (Aachen), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger (RWTH Aachen), Mel Parker (ENAS President) Copyright: © HSZ

Pre-Forum in the Euregio

Numerous university staff and ENAS members gathered in Aachen on November 4 to kick off the Pre-Forum. Participants got the opportunity to explore the Euregio. Thanks to Aachen's unique location, it was possible to visit cities and university sports locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. The participants were offered a varied programme of sport, culture and sightseeing around the topic of digitalization.

Pre-Forum Program

The event started in Maastricht, where there were presentations on sport and nutrition as well as a tour of the sports facilities. In Brussels, the participants had the opportunity to visit the European Parliament. They also had the opportunity to discuss the Erasmus programs and sport in Europe with Sabine Verheyen, Member of the European Parliament from Aachen. At Hasselt University, everyone had the opportunity to try out e-sports in addition to visiting the sports facilities.

Reception at Aachen City Hall

On November 7, the actual forum began with a reception hosted by Mayor Sibylle Keupen and RWTH Rector Prof. Ulrich Rüdiger. Both agreed that it was an honor to be able to hold the 25th anniversary of the ENAS Forum in Aachen. In an international atmosphere, all participants of the forum can exchange views on the challenges and topics of the future and learn from each other. As the host of this year's forum, RWTH Aachen University was presented with the annual baton during the reception.

International Perspectives

For Peter Lynen, Director of the HSZ, the ENAS Forum in Aachen was also a complete success: the HSZ was delighted to welcome university sports enthusiasts from all over Europe to Aachen. The digitalization of all areas of life is a current trend topic. It also has an impact on universities and sport. This makes it all the more important to highlight its influence from a wide range of international perspectives.

Exciting Presentations on the Topic

On the second day, this year's topic, the impact of digitalization on university sports, was discussed at length in exciting workshops and presentations. Various speakers from the worlds of sport and science. These included RWTH Vice-Rector Prof. Ute Habel and Prof. Heribert Nacken, who gave a presentation on VR Representation as a Tool of Internationalization Strategy.

ENAS Award to Cardiff University

Every year, the ENAS Award is presented as part of the forum. It honors particularly innovative university sports projects. This year, the award went to Cardiff Metropolitan University for the Open Campus Project. In this project, students lead sports courses for children at Cardiff University's university sports facilities.

Charity Campaign for Home Care e. V.

Donations were collected for a charity organization during the event. The Aachen hospice foundation Home Care e. V. received the donation check from the HSZ and ENAS.

Further information about ENAS can be found on the HSZ website.