3D-Printed Trophies to Take Home


The winners of the Campuslauf can look forward to a unique trophy. The trophies are produced exclusively for the Campuslauf by the University Sports Center in cooperation with the Chair of Digital Additive Production (DAP) on the Ultimaker3 printer.


The printing of the trophies will last several weeks, as the printing of only four figures lasts a day. But how many trophies will be printed and who gets to take home one of the sought-after prizes? Overall, 6 trophies will be printed for the RWTH Campuslauf: one for the fastest relay team; one for the largest team; and two each for the fastest fun-runners and fastest fitness-runners.

Just like the Campus Melaten, where the Campuslauf is taking place, the symbolize innovation and scientific progress. The printing of the trophies can be observed live at the RWTH Campuslauf, as DAP is bringing one of their Ultimaker3 printing systems to the event grounds!