The Third RWTH Campuslauf with Prorector Malte Brettel on the Starting Line!


On your marks, get set, go: On Friday, May 10, the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ) was able to attract over 1300 participants to the Campus Melaten. The Campuslauf again proved popular with spectators and participants.


In time for the start of the summer semester, 1300 motivated runners took part in the Campuslauf, among them Malte Brettel, Prorector for Industry and Business Relations of RWTH Aachen University. The weather was good and as such the participants were motivated until the end. The Campus-Boulevard was populated by a lively and colorful crowd for the duration of the event.

“The goal of the Campuslauf is to liven up the Campus Melaten. People and their activities there are the lifeblood of the Campus Melaten. In this respect, sport serves as an important social meeting point, because physical activity is not only important in one’s everyday, but also in research and learning.” explains Prof. Dr. Malte Bretter. “Events like the Campuslauf give the campus life and identity”, adds Norbert Plum, Mayor of the City of Aachen.

As well as facilitating sporting ambition and enjoyment, the Campuslauf acts as a link between city and university. “Sport brings people together”, says Peter Lynen, Head of the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center. The Campuslauf also stands for the cooperation between FH and RWTH. “We are not only interested in research cooperation, but also strive to increase cooperation in sports. University Sports acts as a roof over RWTH and FH” explains Prof. Dr. Michael Wulf, Prorector of FH Aachen. Prof. Dr. Wulf was delighted by the large turnout and active participation in general and positive reception among FH students in particular.

Norbert Plum, Mayor of the City of Aachen, who has stood up for the livening up of Campus Melaten and wishes to support the further development of the campus in future, was equally enthusiastic. He is convinced, that sport acts as an important social link, bringing people together. The location of the start and finish line of the Campuslauf was a deliberate choice, as a further location of the University Sports Center is to be developed there in future. Peter Lynen and Malte Brettel both stress the importance of a new sports facility on the Campus Melaten.

The Campuslauf was also made possible by the health partner of the HSZ, the Techniker Krankenkasse. Again, the TK, with its seat at Campus Melaten, did not hesitate for a moment to support the 3. RWTH Campuslauf. “The location enables us to optimally support such an event and we look forward to an even greater reception next year. When we were presented with the opportunity to support the Campuslauf and with it the Campus Melaten, we asked not ‘why’, but ‘how’”, explains Masoud Mirzai, Head of Customer Service at Aachen-Campus. Thanks to a colorful supporting program, including amongst other things, culinary delights from PASTAMORE and musical accompaniment by DJ Julian Knörich, the Campuslauf also had a lot to offer non-runners. As last year, the Campuslauf featured the children’s program “Bring your Kids”, organized in cooperation with the Vincerola Kindergarten and daycare centers of the Aachen Student Services. “Physical activity promotes the socio-cognitive development of children and is therefore an important part of their daily lives”, explains Emanuel Imfeld, Pedagogic Head of the Vincerola Daycare Center in Aachen. This year, the children were for the first time allowed to run ca. 500m on the official route and through the proper finish line and could therefore enjoy their very own Campuslauf. Like the grownups, they received starting numbers and were given certificates at the end of the race.
The RWTH Campuslauf was supported by a large number of volunteers, who helped, for example, at the water stations, where sustainability is an important matter. Instead of disposable cups, reusable cups were used for the first time at this year’s Campuslauf.

Particularly successful this year were Gero Pietsch, winner of the FunRun with a time of 15 minutes and 10 seconds, Henrik Hoffmann, who finished the FitnessRun in a time of 30 minutes and 3 seconds and the team “DLC”, who took first place in the relay. The next instalment of the Campuslauf already has a place in next year’s University Sports calendar.