The Winners of the German University Championship (DHM) Table Tennis

Copyright: © Jörg Fuhrmann

Last weekend, from May 24 to 26, the German University Championship (DHM) Table Tennis took place. 225 athletes took part with the aim of taking the title.


The Aachen team came fourth in the team ranking after reaching the DHM final for the very first time.

Successful in the women’s championship were Alena Lemmer and Vivien Scholz from the universities of Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, who won the Women’s Double. Katharina Michajlova from the University of Bremen took the title in women’s single, while the team of the University of Frankfurt won the women’s team competition.

The men’s double was won by Daniel Bartels and Arne Birk Hölter from the competition group (WG) Berlin. Liang Qiu from the University of Hohenheim took first in the men’s single competition, while the men of WG Göttingen won the men’s team classification.

The mixed tournament was won by Theresa Anna Lehmann and Lukas Luchner of WG Freiburg.

The complete results can be viewed on the DHM Table Tennis webpage.