A Run on University Sports!


After an eventful summer semester, the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center is carrying on sportingly. Countless new sports offers are waiting to be discovered by students of FH and RWTH Aachen University. Next to classic ball sports and relaxation sports like yoga, students can again sign up for ski and snowboard tours.


High Demand for Sport

According to a representative study on university sports in NRW, 88% of students at RWTH and FH, as well as 80% of staff, have an affinity for sport. It is therefore of little surprise that demand for the sport program is as great as ever this semester. Within the first 5 minutes of opening, over 3000 participants had registered for courses. By the end of the day that number had risen to over 9000.

The Sports Program

As always, the sports program is highly varied. From ball sports over martial arts to relaxation and dance – there is something for everyone. According to Peter Lynen, Head of the University Sports Center, university sport is “the last institutionalized opportunity in life to wake an interest in sport and physical activity, as many gather negative experiences of sport during their school years.” University Sport enables everybody to find a sports offer that corresponds to their wishes, interests and abilities.

The Extra Tours

In addition to the regular sports program on offer in and around Aachen, the University Sports Center is again offering a variety of extra tours. Beside the sport, these tours also put an emphasis on getting into contact with students from other universities. In the winter semester, extra tours provide an opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard in a group or improve one’s skills. Ulrich Weber, Deputy Head of the University Sports Center, emphasizes the progress that is increasingly being made in matters of sustainability. Participants travel to their destinations jointly in buses and attention is paid, for example, to the purchase of sustainable groceries during collective food shopping.

The Events of the Winter Semester

The winter semester is characterized by unique events. Event Coordinator Ramon Marställer finds that every event is a highlight. The first event of the winter semester is the Snowevent in Landgraaf. There, participants have the opportunity to make their first runs down piste or learn new tricks on an indoor slope.

The next large event is the Gala Ball, which takes place on November 2. Presale of tickets lasts until October 24. There is only a limited number of tickets left. An unforgettable evening of live music and dance awaits guests at this glamorous event.

In December, this will be followed by the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup. This exciting ice hockey tournament between teams of the faculties of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and medicine is one of the highlights of the winter semester.

The University Sports Show is something to look forward to in the new year. At this spectacular show, athletes of university sports show off their talent in a variety of breathtaking performances.

With all these events, extra tours and sports courses, the winter semester 2019/20 promises to be as exciting and eventful as ever.