Academic Somersaults – University Sports Show 2020


The winter semester has many exciting events to offer. The University Sports Show in particular draws a wide range of athletes of the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ) to the Königshügel. Once a year, the sport groups of the HSZ put on a spectacular show and really get the audience going. There something of everything, from dance over acrobatics to martial-arts routines.


The Show Begins

When the sequin dresses of the belly dancers sparkle in the spotlight, the karate course deliver a stunning performance and the cheerleaders fly in big arcs through the sky, then you know it’s time again for the University Sports Show.

Spectacular Choreographies in a Breathtaking Atmosphere

On February 4, 2020, the yearly University Sports Show will take place in the Königshügel Sports Hall. This year’s spectators can look forward to an evening of unique choreographies and impressive show acts. Beside oriental dance and artistic acrobatics, the sport groups will also present exciting feats of martial arts in, for instance, Savate. The cheerleaders of the Aachen Steelers will again take part with an outstanding acrobatic performance. As every year, the big band of FH Aachen “Full House” will provide fitting musical accompaniment.

Awards Ceremony for our Sponsors and Top-Class Athletes

Before the show, however, another highlight is set to take place. At 6:30pm, the “Spitzensportpreis of Aachen University Sports powered by STAWAG” for outstanding performance in university sports will be awarded. By awarding the top-class sports prize STAWAG is honoring athletes who have distinguished themselves through high performance in a competitive sporting field.

For 18 years now, Sparkasse Aachen is supporting university sports. Part of this commitment is the yearly awarding of the “Ehrenamtspreis der Sparkasse Aachen” for outstanding voluntary commitment in University Sports.

After-Show Party in the Apollo

For those struggling to contain their excitement and stay in their seats during the show, an after-show party will take place in the Apollo. Admission to the show starts at 5:45pm. The athletes’ awards will take place at 6:30pm and the show will start immediately after.

Evening Program

  • Admission: From 5:45pm
  • Awards Ceremony: 6:30pm
  • Show begins immediately after