Aachen Steelers Win the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup and Take Home the ThyssenKrupp-Trophy

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On December 5 the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup (EUC) again took place. In a unique atmosphere 3000 spectators watched and cheered as the ice hockey and cheerleading teams of the faculties of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and medicine competed on the ice.


In the traditional opening game, the Aachen Ice Emperors this year competed against Vienna University Totonka. The Aachen Team won 8:5.

As every year, the creative themes dreamt up by the faculties were a highlight of the event. The mechanical engineering faculty picked as their theme the universe, while the medical faculty came dressed as their childhood heroes and electrical engineers dressed as lions to match their Lion King theme.

Good causes are always a central pillar of the Uni-Cup. This year, the charities Right-to-Play and Breakfast4Kids each took home part of the revenue of the EUC.

This year, the Aachen Steelers took home the trophy. After an exciting and close fought competition, they were able to decide the tournament for themselves in the last match of the evening against the incumbent medical faculty with 23 points to 17. The electrical engineering faculty took third place after having scored 5 points.

The FuFah-hnour prize powered by Deloitte was won by the cheerleading team of the mechanical engineers.