Training Trips of the Aachen SNOWSport Team

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In December 2019 and January 2020 the student snow sport training trips of the Aachen SNOWSport Team started again.


The start was made in mid December with the advanced training trip to St. Moritz, which is aimed at course instructors of the Aachen SNOWSport Team who already have a licence. The content of the course was aimed at development in the following areas: methodical approaches in snow sport, didactic fundamentals for teaching in snow and the improvement of one’s own skill on the slope. This way, the course instructors always stay fit and up to date as well as improving their skill in the mentioned areas.

In the beginning of January, 35 interested winter athletes and future course instructors went to Arosa to learn the basics of snow sport instruction in order to be able accompany extra tours and teach in the snow in future themselves. Thanks to this training course, a steady supply of instructors is guaranteed for the snow sport extra tours.

The training is carried out by external ski and snowboard instructors of the German Ski Instructors Association (DSLV) and German Ski Association (DSV). The high quality of the of instruction is unique in German university sports. Particularly attractive for the participants is the opportunity to have the training and accompanying exam accredited by both associations for an official license.

The trips were – as they had been in previous years – a great success made evident by the high number of participants: Overall, 111 participants took part, setting a new participant record.