Acrobatic Excellence on the Königshügel – the University Sports Show 2020

Copyright: © Sarah Rauch

This year’s University Sports Show of the RWTH University Sports Center (HSZ) provided an exciting and fascinating stage program. Beside the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup the University Sports Show is considered one of the highlights of the winter semester. At this year’s show on February 4, the university groups again shone through with their commitment and unique performances. Beforehand, athletes were honored for outstanding performances in their sports.


The Show

Those lucky enough to secure a ticket could enjoy a spectacular show. The FH Aachen big band “Full House” provided fitting musical accompaniment to the show. Peter Lynen, head of the University Sports Center is delighted by the show and highlighted the acrobatic excellence of the students. “Although amateurs are at work tonight, they show incredible professionalism in their show acts.” From the energetic cheerleaders to the impressive performances of the Rhönrad artists, there is something for everyone. The University Sports Show is a performance show in which, according to Peter Lynen, clichés are broken. “Gender clichés are broken. You see women in martial arts and men cheerleading.”

The Awards Ceremony

A traditional component of the university sports show is the awarding of two honor prizes. This year, the “Ehrenamtpreis der Sparkasse Aachen” was awarded to Marc Greul, representative for Badminton, who has been engaged in university sports voluntarily for many years. The chairman of Sparkasse Aachen, Dr. Christian Burmester, praised the act of volunteering, saying that “by awarding the prize, Sparkasse Aachen is commited to supporting the region and promoting social cohesion in Aachen.” “Without the support of the volunteers and athletes, an event like the University Sports Show would not be possible”, added Juliana Kirchhoff of the Sports Office. A top-class athlete was again honored for their excellent performance this year with the “Spitzensportpreis des Aachener Hochschulsports powered by STAWAG”. The prize was awarded to diver Alexander Lube, who enjoyed success in a number of international competitions. Representing STAWAG, Dr. Christian Becker explained that sport is a important element playing a key role in life and the world of work.

Great Demand for University Sports

“The show could have been sold out three times over. Demand was incredibly great”, noted Peter Lynen. Demand is correspondingly high in the program of the University Sports Center in general. A representative study found that 84% of students had an affinity for sports.