Rules of Conduct Corona


Proof Requirement

Participants are only allowed to take part in university sports if they fulfill one of the two Gs (recovered or vaccinated). In addition, proof of a negative test result is obligatory for participation in indoor classes. Proof of this must be provided in the form of an appropriate certificate. You can find more information on our homepage.

Test Recommendation for Outdoor Classes

We also recommend testing before attending an outdoor class of university sports. This voluntary testing can help to increase safety in university sports with regard to the coronavirus.


Stay in the Sports Facilities

Staying in the sports facilities of the University Sports Center (HSZ) is only permitted during the opening hours while training. The sports facilities of the HSZ are to be left immediately after the end of the training.


We strongly recommend using the Corona-Warning-App whenever possible. A QR code is generated for the HSZ Interim Program classes, which will automatically send a risk alert to the user of the QR code if it is used and a participant may have a Covid19 disease.

Mask Obligation

Face masks are mandatory on the way to and from the sports facilities and in the waiting area. The face masks can be removed while exercising.

Follow Distancing Rules – Avoid Physical Contact

In the waiting areas and during a training session, the prescribed distance between persons engaged in sports activities must be maintained at all times. Contact sports are an exception. Handshakes, high-fives, hugging, etc. are to be completely avoided.

Observe Personal Hygiene Rules

Frequent and intensive hand washing of at least thirty seconds with soap and hot water is recommended. Touching the face with the hands should be avoided. Please observe the prescribed coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Exercise Only When Healthy

Only those who are completely free of Coronavirus symptoms according to their self-evaluation may participate in training and be in RWTH sports facilities. Only absolutely symptom-free persons are allowed to come to the training. Those with typical symptoms such as coughing and fever should stay home and contact their general practitioner by phone. This also applies to diarrhea, nausea, unexplainable severe fatigue and muscle pain, and disorders of the sense of smell or taste. Anyone acting contrary to these instructions will be immediately expelled from the facilities.

Going to Training in Sportswear

The changing rooms, showers, and lockers are available on a limited basis only in the stadium. Few separate storage facilities are available for bags or other personal items.

Bring Your own Drinks

Due to tightened hygiene requirements, there are currently no water dispensers available. We recommend bringing your own drinks (glass bottles are prohibited in the sports facilities of the HSZ).

Act Responsibly

The sustainable realization of the interim program stands and falls with the considerate and responsible behavior of all involved. We are thereby dependent on your support, especially in observing the special rules. Therefore, please always follow the instructions of the HSZ staff. Otherwise, we will be forced to suspend sports operations again immediately.