Rules of Conduct Corona


Version July 9, 2020

Access to the Sports Facilities

Access to the grounds of the University Sports Center is only permitted with a valid course booking during, 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after training. After the course, the grounds of the HSZ are to be immediately vacated while maintaining minimum distances.

Corona Tracking App

We strongly recommend the use of the corona warning app.

Mask Order from July 20, 2020

The wearing of mouth-nose-protection will be compulsory in the sports facilities of the University Sports Center from July 20, 2020. The mouth-nose-protection may be removed during sport. It must be worn from the point of entry into the sports hall until the sports activity area is reached and when leaving the area and sports hall.

Follow Distancing Rules – Avoid Physical Contact

A minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained at all times. During training, a distance of 3.50 meters must be maintained between physically active people at all times. Handshakes, high-fives, and hugs are to be avoided completely. Contact sports form an exception to the distancing rule.

Go to Training in Sportswear

The changing rooms, showers and lockers remain unavailable. Street shoes must be changed in the entrance area of the sports hall. No special storage options are available for bags or personal items.

Observe Personal Hygiene Rules

Frequent and intensive handwashing of at least 30 seconds with soap and hot water is recommended. Touching the face with one’s hands should be refrained from. Observe the prescribed coughing and sneezing etiquette. Disinfectant is provided at the sports hall entrances.

Only Train when Healthy

Only those who according to their own best judgment are free of corona virus symptoms may participate in the training and access the RWTH sports facilities. Only absolutely symptom free people may attend the training. Those with typical symptoms like coughing and fever should stay at home and contact their general practitioner by phone. This also applies to symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, unexplained tiredness, and muscle pain as well as disruption of the senses of taste or smell. Those who ignore these instructions will be immediately ejected from the facilities.

For preventative reasons and due to the currently still insufficient scientific evidence on the effects of the Coronavirus on pregnant and newborn children, we advise pregnant women, purely for preventative reasons, not to participate in indoor sports offers.

Bring a Drink and Sun Protection

Due to the tightened hygiene requirements, the water dispensers at the sports facilities of the HSZ are currently unavailable. We recommend that participants bring their own drinks (Ban on glass bottles at the sports facilities of the HSZ) and, if required, sun protection.

Offers at External Facilities

When participating in sports offers taking place outside of the sports facilities of the University Sports Center, the hygiene and distancing requirements of the external sports facility must be observed in addition to those of the University Sports Center.

Act Responsibly

The sustainable operation of the interim program is predicated on the considerate and responsible behavior of all involved. We are hereby dependent on your support, particularly with regard to the adherence to the special rules. Should these not be followed, we will immediately be forced to resuspend sport operations.