Lousberglauf Digital

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The Lousberglauf on the legendary Teufelsberg is the cult run in Aachen. It has been a tradition for more than two decades and, along with the CHIO, is probably one of the best-known sporting events in Aachen. Whether professional or amateur runners, whether in running clothes or dressed up, everyone can participate. This year, the Aachen cult event will take place for the second time as a digital run: the Lousberglauf digital powered by STAWAG!

July 5 to 11, 2021

What? Lousberglauf Digital powered STAWAG
Where? Rütscher Straße at Lousberg Aachen

The Lousberglauf usually takes place
in July.


10 Euros for students and staff, 15 Euros for guests


Registration Lousberglauf from 28. June 21


Result Upload from July 5, 2021


Registration Runsseries single Dortmund, Münster, Cologne, Aachen


The Lousberglauf digital powered by STAWAG is location-independent, which means that the traditional distance of 5,555 meters can be run anywhere. The original route on the Lousberg is a tough one. With its special topography, the Lousberglauf presents a special challenge even for experienced runners. Just over half of the route is steadily uphill. For this reason, the athletes in the face-to-face version of the run have to use their strengths well in order to reach the finish line. In the digital version, everyone can choose their own routes.

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Geopainting-Challenge - Win a Balloon Ride Over Aachen for 2 Persons

Is it possible to paint a picture with a GPS track? The answer is yes! This year for the first time a Geopainting-Challenge will take place as a side event to the Lousberglauf. The task is to paint a picture with your GPS track with at least 5,555 meters of running. All information can be found under Geopainting-Challenge.

  Logo NRW Uni-Laufcup

The NRW UniLauf Cup has become an integral part of the Aachen Lousberglauf powered by STAWAG. Running teams from several universities compete against each other in four runs. The Lousberglauf powered by STAWAG is the final and decisive run. The team that gains the most points in the four runs wins the competition. With eleven victories, Aachen is the most successful team in the history of the running competition, which has been held since 2003. However, it remains exciting to see whether the Cologne team will be able to repeat its victory from 2020 or whether the Aachen team will be able to build on its earlier successes.

This year, the four runs of the NRW Unilauf Cup will also take place as digital runs. And another novelty this year is that individual runners now also have the opportunity to participate in the NRW Unilauf Cup without a team. For this purpose, participants can register for all four runs in a bundle.



Tobias Vogelsang



+49 241 80 24582


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STAWAG has been supporting the Lousberglauf powered by STAWAG and now also the Lousberglauf digital powered by STAWAG for 17 years, enabling the running event to take place successfully year after year.

The University Sports Center is glad that STAWAG continues this support in the current situation and, thus, gives the Lousberglauf digital powered by STAWAG the necessary energy. In the face-to-face version of the Lousberglauf powered by STAWAG, STAWAG provides the runners with drinks at the finish line. STAWAG is also always full of energy on the running track with a STAWAG running team.


Code of Conduct

The official COVID-19 pandemic regulations in force at the time of the run must be unconditionally observed by all participants. All participants undertake to achieve their run times fairly and without the use of advantage-providing aids or other manipulations.