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Jazz dance is a form of contemporary dance that originated in the USA. Originally the musical foundation was jazz music. Today, top hits from the pop charts are used. Jazz dance developed out of numerous dance styles in the US' multicultural society. A significant component are Afro-American dance styles, which came to America with the slaves in the 18th century.


Dates, Prices and Booking



Gregor Lowinski




Rules of Conduct Corona Interim Program

Compliance with the Corona Rules of Conduct is compulsory for all participants of the interim program.

Sports Facility

Gymnastikhalle Königshügel

Special regulations apply to the use of the sports facility in accordance with the corona decree.

Target Group and Requirements

This level is aimed at those with little to no prior experience of Jazz Dance.

Content and Goals

This course provides an insight into the fundamentals of Jazz. A warm-up and the learning of fundamental technique elements forms the basis of each session. At the end of each session the learned steps can be tried out and put into practice in small choreographies.
The offer takes place in workshop form and the sessions don’t build on each other.


As the program takes place outdoors, we dance in trainers.


Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

If you would like to be informed of last minute course cancellations and facility closures affecting this course, please join the corresponding mailing list.