Allwetterplatz Basketball Games

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The basketball games offer eligible individuals the possibiity to play basketball in self-organized games without reserving the space beforehand online. Good sportsmanship is required. The players present organize the games and are responsible for switching the courts among themselves.


Dates, Prices and Booking


Organizational Information

Target Group and Prerequisites

In order to participate in games at the Allwetterplatz Königshügel, you must purchase the Allwetterplatz card. The Allwetterplatz card is only valid in combination with a student ID or work ID and a picture ID and cannot be transferred to other individuals. Please note that we control participants' authorization during University events. If requested, you must show the Allwetterplatz card and your ID to our staff.

"Check in" Before Playing

Please check in directly with our service personnel in the hut at the entrance of the Allwetterplatz and show your permit without being asked.

Sports facility

Allwetterplatz Königshügel

Please adhere to the terms of use for the Allwetterplatz.

Course Cancelations and Sports Facility Closures

days on which the Soccerbox is closed according to schedule

Dates and Area Playability

The Allwetterplatz can be used for basketball games Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and additionally on Saturdays in summer by holders of the Allewetterplatz card as long as the area has not be reserved for special events, individual date bookings, or subscriptions. Reservations also take priority over the games. You can see when the space is booked in the booking plans.


The Allwetterplatz card costs 20.50 Euros. With the beginning of the winter semester, the price of the Allwetterplatz card will be reduced by 50 percent and it will cost 10.25 Euros.

Links and Other Activities

Our sports partner exchange, the "Sportpartnerbörse" helps you find fellow players.

During the summer semester, the HSZ hosts a streetball tournament as part of the RWTH FH SPORTS DAY. Other indoor tournament opportunities are held regularly at the beginning and end of each semester. Registration information can be found under Tournaments.


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