Beach Volleyball Games


The unsupervised games allows all eligible individuals the possibility to play beach volleyball on one of the courts without first reserving online. A few rules were established and are explained here to ensure fair play and sharing. We ask that you read and make note of these! During the winter semester the University's beach facility is in limited operation only.


Target Group and Prerequisites

If you can already play beach volleyball or want to practice in addition to training, you have the opportunity during our unsupervised games during summer semester. You must purchase the beach volleyball card to participate in the unsupervised games at the Beachsportanlage Köngishügel. Employees additionally need an employee sports card, and guests a guest card. The beach volleyball card is only valid in combination with a work ID or student ID and a picture ID and cannot be transferred to another individual. Please note that we control the cards and IDs at all University events. If asked, you must show your beach volleyball card and ID to our staff.

Check In Before Playing

If you are at the facility before 2:30pm, sign in with the sports supervisor at Stadion Königshügel by presenting your beach volleyball card. Starting at 2:30pm you can sign in directly with our sports personnel in the hut at the beach facility. Make sure to show your beach volleyball card.

You must adhere to the beach facility terms of use!

Organizational Information

Court Playability

All of the beach courts can be used for unsupervised games by holders of the beach volleyball card, unless courts have been reserved for courses, individual dates, and subscriptions. Courses and court reservations have priority over the unsupervised games. During the hours where nothing is being held, the courts can be used for unsupervised play. The occupied times can be found in the court schedule.

Organization of the Order of Use

Courts are switched during unsupervised play after every set of 21 points. Players can claim a field so to speak. If there is congestion, players are required to adhere to the order of the court claims accordingly. To do so, players must sign up on the list with the service personnel. A court that becomes available will then be given to the next four participants on the list. If not all of the courts are occupied and a court is free, beach volleyball card holders can begin to play without signing up on the list.

Organizational Regulations of the Beach Volleyball Games With a List:

  • Existing claims will be finished
  • Names of every player must be put down – no nicknames
  • Missing players will be marked with +1,+2 or +3
  • Players can be on the list only once
  • Before the match starts, cross out your names
  • Only after a match a second registration is possible

The organizational regulations of the beach volleyball games with a list can be downloaded as a PDF.

Materials and Shoes

You may play either barefoot or with neoprene footlets.


The beach volleyball card is valid for one year from April 1 to March 31. The cost is 40 Euros. At the end of summer season, from October 16, the fee is reduced to 12,50 Euros.

Links and Other Activities

You can find fellow players in our "Sportpartnerbörse", the sports partner exchange.


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