Sport in Wintersemester 20/21

  Skiing Instructors explains something to a group in a skihall. Copyright: © Phillip Hemmers

A strong winter sports program and the Snowevents will take place

Sports enthusiasts can look forward to the Winter Semester 20 21, as the RWTH Aachen University Sport Center is offering a strong sport program despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic!

The HSZ has worked tirelessly on the feasibility and implementation of the new sports program, entitled “Sports Program WiSe 20 21, restricted program”. The consultation with and decision of the crisis staff have concluded that the concepts developed for a comprehensive sports program are feasible. Great effort was invested to meet the high standards of infection protection required to enable safe operations for all involved. It is now ready and the HSZ looks forward to offering all sports enthusiasts a successful sports program.

Due to the current situation, the HSZ has had to cancel all events. Excluded from this are fortunately the Snowevents! The RWTH crisis staff has authorized the infection protection concept developed for the event. To be able to carry out a successful Snowevent together and guarantee the safety of all participants, a number of rules must be observed. The number of participants has been limited, for example, in order to enable a safe bus transfer and courses in small groups. Additionally, there will be no Après-Ski.

Unfortunately, RWTH has been forced to cancel all Extra Tours of the Winter Semester 20/21. Two factors were decisive for the RWTH crisis staff. The long, fully occupied bus journeys required are currently not justifiable. Additionally, the isolation of individual members of the travel group in the accommodation in the case of the appearance of virus-symptoms is only possible in exceptional cases. The risk of a potential spread of the virus has therefore been deemed uncontrollable. The university administration and University Sport Center deeply regret the cancellation.