Allwetterplatz Königshügel

  Aerial view of the Allwetterplatz Copyright: © M2Brothers

The Allwetterplatz Königshügel is a lit, multi-sport area operated year long. It is reserved primarily for basketball three days a week and football the remaining four days. At certain times it is also possible to play tennis on the court. The Allwetterplatz can be used either during unsupervised games or during a booked event, either once for an hour or with a subscription. Reservations for a date and time within a subscription or for an individual date are only offered during the summer semester! You can find further information and booking options on the basketball, football and tennis pages. Members of the university can also use the Allwetterplatz to hold their own one-off events.



Service Point


+49 241 80 24390





Allwetterplatz Service Personnel


+49 151 12593247


Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 3
52074 Aachen

Booking Plan

Booking Plan Allwetterplatz

Rules of Conduct Corona

Adherence to the University Sports Center's Corona Rules of Conduct is mandatory for all participants in the sports program.


Access to the Allwetterplatz is exclusively through the beach-hut and only permitted after prior course booking with a valid, printed booking confirmation.

Access is only permitted 5 minutes before, during, and after the course or single-date appointment.

Bags and personal materials should be stored at a sufficient distance from other persons. One bench per person is available for tennis players. Leaving the court is done according to the Rules of Conduct Corona with appropriate distance from other people.

Control of Access-Authorization

Participation is only permitted for authorized and registered participants.

The access authorization is to be put into the "Check-In-Box" on the court before the start of the game and without being asked, so that the photo and name can be read. After the control by the sports supervisors and/or the supervision of the Check-In-Box, it is to be taken out again immediately and kept safe.

Please follow the instructions of staff.


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