Naturrasenplatz Königshügel

  Aerial view of the natural grass field Copyright: © M2Brothers

The natural grass field is 110 x 60 meters and is at the center of sports facilities at Königshügel.



Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 3
52074 Aachen

Booking Plan

Booking Plan Naturrasenplatz Königshügel


Use of the Sports Facility

The natural grass ptich is open during the summer months. However, it is exclusively reserved for the University Sports Center's sports groups. The field needs a long time to regenerate, which is why it is not otherwise open for use.


Access to the grass pitch is only permitted via the marked entrance and exit area after prior course registration and with a valid, printed booking confirmation. Access is only permitted during and 5 minutes before and after the course.

Go to Training in Sportswear

The changing rooms and showers remain closed. Lockers are not available.
Depending on the sport cleats are recommend, but not required.
No special storage options are available for bags or personal items.

Use of Toilets

The toilets of the RWTH GYM may be used. They may only be accessed individually.

Registering your RWTH BlueCard or FH Card.

If you have an RWTH BlueCard or FH Card that is registered at the HSZ Service Point, you do not require a printed booking confirmation. Through the registered barcode, the system can immediately confirm whether a registered booking is available under your name. Please note, if you have changed or replaced your card, you will need to register it again with the HSZ.


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