Lousberglauf runners take off Copyright: © Sarah Rauch

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

What? Lousberglauf
When? July 5, 2023, 7 pm
Where? Rütscher Straße at Lousberg Aachen

10 Euros for students and staff, 15 Euros for guests, 2 Euros for late registration

Late Registration Late registrations are possible on site during the distribution of the starting numbers, but not later than 5:30pm at the day of the event. The fee for late registrations is 2 euros. Late registrations have to be paid by direct debit.


Registrations are possible until July 4, 8am. For registrations afterwards please follow the note for late registrations.


Dates, Prices and Booking

Preparing Running Course


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The Lousberglauf on the legendary Teufelsberg is the cult run in Aachen. Even though it's only 5,555 meters long, it packs a punch. It's special topography is a challenge even for experienced runners. The unique mix of hobby and professional runners is the charm that attracts the spectators and participants.

THE Cult Run in Aachen

The Lousberglauf has been a tradition for over two decades and is one of the most well-known sports events in Aachen aside from CHIO. Whether you're a professional or hobby runner, whether you wear athletic clothing or a costume, everyone is welcome to participate. The runners, who manage to get one of the highly coveted bibs, all have the same goal: to scale the 5,555 meter circuit of the Teufelsberg.

The Track

The track can be viewed very well as a PDF via the download. If you want to know exactly where to go, the GPX track is available for download. Or you can look directly at Komoot and let yourself be guided for the first training runs.

Preparation is Everything!

Every year it's a greatly anticipated free for all who will cross the finish line as champion. The course profile packs a punch. Almost half of the course is consistently uphill. Athletes must distribute their strength accordingly in order to make it to the finish line. Weeks before the race the Teufelsberg is covered with runners training. The Lousberglauf is a true challenge, even for experienced runners.

An Event That Brings People Together

The event is underscored by an entertaining stage program. Aside from live music and performances there are interviews with experts from the University Hospital and the local running scene, who give important tips all about running. Integration is characteristic to the Lousberglauf. The event brings together RWTH and FH students and residents of Aachen – the Lousberglauf connects.



The Lousberg is located on the northern edge of the City of Aachen. The race begins in front of the residential towers or student dormitories of Student Services at Rütscher Straße 175. Please note that the streets around the race area will be blocked off during certain times the day of the event. There is no parking available directly on site. You can find more information on the page Brief Information.


Cancellations or changes are not possible.


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Insurance Coverage

Unlike the other University Sports offers, there is no additional insurance coverage when participating in this event. We strongly recommend acquiring your own insurance protection.

Photographs and Film Recordings

The RWTH Aachen University Sports Center reserves the right to take photographs and make film recordings during the event for its own publicity and information purposes. By signing up for or purchasing admission to the event, participants agree to this use. Due to administrative reasons, those who object to this must raise their objection with the by email within one week of the end of the event.


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