SUP Stand Up Paddling

  Person paddleboarding Copyright: HSZ

A traditional, Polynesian form of movement, just repackaged. Join us on Rursee at Wildenhof. This new type of sport has many sides, from the fun of swimming to being out in nature to an actual workout. Our water sport trainers will give you an introduction in a compact course. The course is a prerequisite to acquire the SUP card.



Cord Dassler




Basic Information

Sports Facilities

Wassersportstätte Wildenhof


  • Swimming gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Shoes suitable for water sports, for example: bathing shoes, surf shoes, old sneakers
  • Neoprene suits can be rented on site

Special Particiatipation Requirements

Swimming is a prerequisite to participating in this course. This must be confirmed before the course begins.