Mountain Biking

  A mountain biker Copyright: HSZ

Our mountain biking offers are primarily about having fun mountain biking as a way to balance out everyday life. We welcome both beginners and experienced bikers. The speed will be adapted to the group's skills.



+49 241 80 24387



Basic Information

Sports Facilities

Entrance to the Hochschulsport Service Center


You must consider the following when participating:

  • Helmets are required.
  • Other protection is strongly recommended.
  • A strong front light is required during the dark time of the year. The instructor can provide recommendations if needed.
  • The bike must be in full working order, especially the brakes.
  • Tools and aids for smaller repairs, such as flat tires, should be on hand.

Special Participation Requirements

Once the course ends participants continue to privately ride, extending the entire ride time to about two hours. Please bring your student ID and your personal ID.