The Sport Program Starts Digitally this Winter Semester – Begin of the HSZ Digital Workouts


From Tuesday, November 10, we will again be running a digital sports program, to help keep the staff and students of RWTH and FH Aachen moving. The HSZ Digital Workouts are back! The previous round of digital offer of the HSZ had been a great success in the spring.


The Sports Program of the HSZ is starting digitally in the 20/21 Winter Semester. The first digital sports course of the semester will take place on Tuesday.

In spring, the digital workouts took place on the platforms of Instagram and YouTube. These videos remain available on YouTube and the HSZ-Website. In the Winter Semester we are using a closed platform. This allows the workouts to be more interactive, as the course instructors will be able to communicate with the participants and give them direct feedback.

Booking is done through single-date booking on the HSZ Website. The Digital Workouts remain free of charge. The participants will receive the access details to the workout session after booking.