Movement and Mobility (Fascia Training)

  Movement Copyright: HSZ Walter



Elke Bernhard

Certified Sports Teacher


+49 241 80 24387



Content and Goals

Movement simply means to move. Various movements are good for the fascia. The idea of movement training is generalizing instead of specializing. Different aspects of movement are taken into account, such as flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, concentration and breathing (see Ido Portal).
The classes should inspire to move more in everyday life. In the process, the participants playfully explore their own bodies and their abilities, thereby strengthening their own body awareness.

A course unit is divided into a warm-up, problem-oriented work on challenges and a relaxation phase. The units include training and relaxation methods such as interval core training, active stretching, autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation.


The course is open to any level. No special previous experience is required.
Apart from a mat, no sports equipment is necessary.

Course Capacity

The capacity of this course is limited, so that the course instructors can advise the participants individually.

How to Zoom

Find out how Zoom is used in the HSZ Digital Workouts under How to Zoom.


7-Days On Demand

For this offer, a recording of the most recent session is made available for 7 days. Further information can be found under On Demand Videos. Booking is done via the same booking link as the live offer.