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Content and Goals

Karate is probably one of the most famous martial arts in the world and focusses on the controlled employment of strikes, kicks and movement-mechanical principals for self-defence. It strengthens one's own body awareness and improves coordination, while one is simultaneously training the fighting techniques. This course focusses on the learning, repeating and application of various fundamental techniques and stances, as well as combination for close-quarters self-defence. Due to this, the course is equally suitable for beginners and experts.


Karate is usually practiced barefoot. It is, however, vital that you have a stable footing. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear sports shoes or train barefoot on a slip-resistant floor.

Regular sportswear is sufficient.

Course Capacity

The capacity of this course is limited, so that the course instructors can advise the participants individually.

How to Zoom

Find out how Zoom is used in the HSZ Digital Workouts under How to Zoom.