Team Sport Fitness

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Claus Tiedemann



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Content and Goals

Ball and team sports require good fitness in order to meet challenges of the game. This online training includes after an instructed warm-up, exercises to improve coordination, functional mobility, and strength tailored for the special requirements of ball and team sports.


This course is aimed at team and ball sport players of all levels. Intensity and difficulty of the individual exercises can be adapted to ones individual needs and ability.

A slip-proof surface like a yoga mat or towel is recommended. Please remember to drink enough water.

Course Capacity

The capacity of this course is limited in order to enable the course instructors to advise the participants individually.

How to Zoom

Find out how Zoom is used in the HSZ Digital Workouts under How to Zoom.


7-Days On Demand

For this offer, recordings of the most recent sessions are made available on-demand for 7 days. Further information on this can be found under On Demand Videos. Booking is done via the same booking link as the live offer.