Finnbahn Fit for the New Semester – Renovation Starting September 15


We are extremely happy that renovations to the Finnbahn Königshügel can be begin September 15. The Finnbahn will be prepared for next semester so that nothing stands in the way of training during the winter!


Unfortunately the renovation will result in a few unavoidable restrictions:

  • The Finnbahn Königshügel will be completely closed between Thursday, September 15, and Friday, October 14, 2016.
  • The Finnbahn Königshügel lights will not be on during the renovation work.
  • Due to containers and construction machines on site next to the running path, there may be some restrictions in various places outside of the Finnbahn Königshügel during the renovation work. These places will be marked and closed off.
  • Outdoor Fitness Anlage 2 can continue to be used but the entry will be temporarily relocated and marked.
  • Due to the containers and construction machines needed during the renovation, a few parking spots at Stadion Königshügel will not be available until work is completed.

Please pay attention to other possible restrictions during the renovation. These will be announced on short notice on the University Sports Center homepage

We ask for your understanding and look forward to a freshly renovated Finnbahn.