Repeated double victory in ALMA Race for Aachen's rowers


As in previous years on the last weekend regarding the season closing, a 5000 meters eights race between the Universities of the Euregio region took place. Both mixed- and men's eight could convince and ensure the first ranks.


At first, the mixed eight consisting of Katrin Forytta, Oliver Matzke, Philipp Hennes, Lutz Pauli, Henning Janssen, Moritz Pilaski, Franziska Ott, Miriam Höner and helmswoman Natalia Zeppe entered the route.

After a mixed start, the boat was able to gain the lead after 500 meters of the race. Because of their leading position, at the end, the mixed eight won with a winning time of 17 hours and 30 minutes right before Hasselt and a boat coming from Liège.

Now it was the turn of the men's eight of RWTH. This one started with Mario Friese, Lukas Raming, Andreas Bremen, Lukas Böhmer, Petar Cetkovic, Michel Overlack, Luca Pesce and helmswoman Miriam Höner.

Right after the start it became clear that the rowing eight of Aachen would win this race as well. A repeated victory could be confirmed at the end because Aachen had a lead of more than two minutes before Hasselt and Liège and had a winning time of 16 hours and 50 minutes.

The regatta was a sensational season closing, which looks back on a successful season in the inland, as well as in the foreign countries.

But nobody has the possibiltiy to rest on their laurels and that is why the training in Gym and outdoors is starting early, so that a lot of successes can be achieved in the next year as well.

Oliver Matzke, rowing chairman