Another New Addition to the HSZ Program: Cheerleading


Originally developed to support sports teams and entertain spectators, cheerleading has turned into its own spectacular sport. Starting this coming winter semseter you can take a cheerleading course at the HSZ – it's perfect for acrobatic dancers and those want to become ones.

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The sport is characterized by elements from gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance. What looks simple at competitions and shows, is in reality hard work. It requires strength, body tension, and concentration from the dancers, a multifaceted challenge.

The course is targeted towards anyone who has fun cheerleading, regardless if they have previous experience or not. Participants learn the principle and basics of cheerleading as well as different choreography. Over the course of the class dancers' presentation abilities will improve, which can also be helpful in everyday life.

Those familiar with university life here know that cheerleading also has a long tradition at the annual Ice Hockey Uni Cup. The teams of the participating student councils send a dedicated group of cheerleaders to compete – a bit of help from the new cours can't hurt!

The course will be held at Sporthalle Eckertweg. Registration for all courses begins October 11 at 4pm.