One will be running again soon!

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A month of reconstruction and restoration on the jogging track - and it was worth the wait! At the end of the week, the running shoes can be tied again because then the jogging track will be free again for the coming semester.


After nine years, now it was the time to improve the famous jogging track on Königshügel. Within the last weeks, the drainage was replaced which prevents water retention and icing in the next cold months. The surface was also completely removed to be replaced by a new fresh one. Old woods chips were replaced by smaller ones which guarantee an even more comfortable feeling while running.

Even now in winter the jogging track offers optimal conditions for running outdoors. The 1150 meters long and 1,60 meters wide track is illuminated without exception, so that even late lap on short days are possible.

Why the jogging track?

New in Aachen and looking for a perfect running track? The jogging track as "natural running track" is an alternative and additional offer beside the competition-legitimated circular running tracks for long-distance-, middle-distance- and short-distance race. Contrary to this, it offers varied, motivating walking- and running experience with a high demanding character through a change of straight, narrow and wide curves, as well as acclivities slopes and straight sections.

The jogging track is a suitable sport section for all kinds of persons, whether as training track for competition-oriented runners or as a show-jumping course with manageable size for unpracticed walking-beginners. The soft, but also hard-wearing ground or rather track-surface made of natural materials provides joint-friendly running.

Which effect does it have?

Those who use the jogging track from Friday on, have the possibility to give feedback to the sports secretaries. Student assistants will also be around the track in the next few weeks to get some feedback.