First Aid


Dates and Booking

First Aid Certification (de)


University Sports instructors in Aachen are required to provide documentation of at least eight instructional hours of comprehensive first aid training. If your certification course was within the past two years, an at least eight-instructional hour, comprehensive first aid course can be taken. This also applies to paramedics and medical students. Paramedic training is recognized but cannot be more than two years in the past. If your training was more than two years ago, you must submit proof of further education. Frequently helping with first aid at events is insufficient. Medical students' mandatory internship during their studies is also recognized, as long as it was within the past two years. The University Sports Center offers its instructors certification and training courses free of charge. Registration for these courses is exclusively reserved for HSZ instructors. You can get the password for the online registration from the sports instructor responsible. The registration for the First Aid Course is binding. If you do not participate in course but have booked it, the HSZ still charges the course fees.


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