"Leichtes Spiel" 2016 – The Lucky Winners

Leichtes Spiel medal Copyright: © HSZ

On Sunday the multisport tournament of the year was happening: Amateur players as well as professionals could participate in the “Leichtes Spiel” and demonstrate their best.  


The first badminton tournament took place in 2008, one year after that it was expanded with the “Kickerleicht” tournament and in 2013 the multisport tournament “Leichtes Spiel” was established. On November 13 the popular event entered the next round.

This year again, all participants had great fun at the sportive competition and could burn of a lot of energy. The Federleicht-professional Pratyuksh Bansal was able to win the tournament the second time in a row and therefore he could be even more happy.

But in the end not only the winners were happy as it is the taking part that counts at “Leichtes Spiel”!

The results can be found here.