RWTH Aachen invites to the glamorous University Ball!


The traditional Gala Ball of the RWTH Aachen will take place soon: On November 26, this years University Ball presented by Sparkasse Aachen will be held at the Eurogress. About 800 guests shall be lured to the dancefloor by witnessing a spectacular show program and live music in a festive atmosphere. The University Sports Center of RWTH (HSZ) organizes this event.


The University Ball, which is rich in tradition, is an event that attracts students, employees and professors of RWTH Aachen, as well as citizens of Aachen. For more than 25 years, the Gala Ball has been the most brilliant highlight in the calendar of events of the University. The spatiality of the Eurogress will be changing into a festive dance hall, which invites guests in elegant evening dresses to an formal evening program. Beside the ballroom dances accompanied by a live band, the guests can witness a unique stage show in which two dance couples, the Uniformation and the University Sports Group Hip Hop show their talent.

As in previous years, this years Gala Ball will be presented by Sparkasse Aachen. For November 26, there are still some tickets left for those who are interested in the advanced ticket sale. Tickets for students and apprentices cost 20 Euros and the price for all the other guests will be 38 Euros. At the evening box-office students will pay 25 Euros and the other dancing-enthusiasts will pay 43 Euros.

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