More Yin, less Yang - new course in HSZ program


The Yoga course program gets bigger in the second half of the winter semester: Yin Yoga. Compared with the dynamic yoga-styles Yin Yoga teaches to release yourself and to relax your entire body.


In the second semester half all people who are interested in yoga have the chance to dip into a new yoga-class. While dynamic yoga practices focus on muscles and Yang by itself, Yin Yoga concentrates on the deeper body layers and supports the Yin-part. A round back counts as an attribute of this kind of yoga which stretches and has a positive influence on the fasciae. As against dynamic yoga-styles the back is straightened up consciously, in what why deeper body layers cannot even reached.

Yin Yoga is the perfect supplement to dynamic yoga practices. So if you are interested in this class, go ahead and apply for the new course program of the second half of the winter semester organized by the HSZ on December 6.

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